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A french student

I'm Hugolin Urzé, a french guy, born on november 20th 1998.

A Graphic Designer

I learned graphic design during my DUT MMI at Vélizy and my exchange semester at Vanier College.

A Video Editor

During my IUT and on the side I learned video editing and I'm currently learning motion design.

A Photographer

It's a new passion for me, I started photography 5 months ago and I learned everything by myself on Youtube mainly.

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Graphic Design

Vernissage poster

This was a very exciting project. We were given an object, in my case a rubber ducky, and two colours, blue and pink. The goal was to show what we learned in design by illustrating our object in six different ways using different photographic, illustrative and typographic techniques. These illustrations were then incorporated into our vernissage poster. I had so much fun with this project, trying out new things and getting out of my comfort zone.

Digital painting

The goal of this project was to choose a picture of a fruit and use it as a reference for a digital painting. It was very challenging because I hadn’t used a graphic tablet much before. For this project I had to illustrate the fruit using many different styles. This helped me produce something coherent, because every step was a challenge on its own. When seen together all these steps represent what I wanted at the start of the project: a realistic digitally painted fruit!

Mr.Lin logo

Creating an identity or a logo can be fun as well as challenging, especially when it is for your own identity or activity. This one is mainly for my Twitch streams. The design for this logo came to me rather quickly and I felt really enthusiastic about it. I wanted to portray a gaming experience, something strong, so I chose typographic design, one letter and everything goes inside. Using an M was logical because my pseudonym was “Mr.Lin” and this letter was symmetrical which is something I wanted for this logo as well.

Photography Logo

I created this logo so it could represent me as a photographer on Instagram. The idea was to design a logo that would fit my style, using electric colours and energetic typography. The shape is quite evocative and that was intentional because I want people to identify me as a photographer quickly when they come to my Instagram profile.


This design was all about learning vectors within Photoshop, making a simple leaf design and duplicating it to produce a complex design. It was very challenging because vectors are very powerful tools, easy to learn but hard to master. I had a lot of fun drawing this knowing that the end product was put together with the works of the other students to produce a massive design of the size of a wall.

Wedding Invitations

Graphic design is always thrilling, this one in particular because I created it for a member of my family. Right after announcing his marriage plans, I was very honoured that my brother asked me if I could design his wedding invitations. I put my heart in this project because I did not want to disappoint him. The process taught me a lot about client/designer communications, receiving comments and suggestions from the client and gave me a preview of how things can be outside of school.


Instagram Photography

A few months before arriving in Montreal I developed a passion for photography. Knowing that I would be photographing a lot of things in Canada, I decided to post one picture per day on my Instagram account starting the day of my arrival at Montreal. This project is really thrilling because it helps me get better each day at photography and photo editing using Lightroom. Taking a lot of pictures also allows me to experiment with effects such as double exposure.

Photography Project

This photography project took place during New Year’s Eve, at a party organized by my friends. They needed some pictures of the event so I offered my services. I took portraits during the evening and it was very challenging because of the low light conditions at the venue. The editing of the pictures was the second part of the project, and I enjoyed trying new things with Lightroom and Photoshop. This was my first important photography project and it really made me grow as a photographer because I was required to learn all the functionality of my digital camera.

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Video Editing

Video Editing

This is my first personal video editing project. It’s a compilation of plays from the video game “Overwatch” developed by Blizzard Entertainments. The entire project was about editing all the plays to create a story and make it look cinematic. The most interesting part of the project was finding the music that would fit the style I wanted to illustrate with this video. I learned a lot about editing during this project, especially with Final Cut Pro X.

Film Creation

Choosing our own idea for a movie is really exciting. This is what this project is all about: writing, shooting and editing an entire short video. In this group project, I took part in the scriptwriting and the storyboarding but my main task was the editing. I did it all, from cuts and transitions to sound-design, through to color-grading with Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve. This project really made me grow as a video editor by being my most important project yet.

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Web Design

Responsive Website

This personal gaming activity web project is very special for me because this is the first responsive one I did and I learned a lot about responsive design and the tools associated with it, as well as frameworks like bootstrap and CSS grid. We were encouraged to choose our own subject and have it approved by our teacher. With the goal of being able to use it outside of class, I chose to develop it for my gaming activity, especially Twitch streams. This web project is very important to me for a simple reason, it’s the most professional website I did during my IUT.